Modern Wallpaper Bathroom Vanities by Fratelli Branchetti

These bathroom vanities are tend to be noticed from the cheerful and quirky design. These vanity is designed by Fratelli Branchetti and part of the Tanteante Décor. For this Italian Company, blending inspirations from classic and contemporary design is very easy. With sophisticated materials, their bold shapes are mixed with the vintage patterns of wallpaper to recall the stylish vanities.

The mirrors and the vanity units with its shape will make you curious. Moreover, they look completely modern. The concept of “bathroom lounge” from a forgotten era is seen from the luxurious images as you contemplate it deeper. The era when pampering and relaxation came first. For the shrewd consumer, Fratelli Branchetti is an Italian manufacturer that produce high quality and modern bathroom vanities.


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3 Photos of the Modern Wallpaper Bathroom Vanities by Fratelli Branchetti

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