Nature House – A piece of luxury in the middle of nature

Most people are fond of the natural environment. There is a house in Big Sur California for you, if you like the sound of the sea that knocks on your door in the morning, as well the way nature works with perfection.  This house is called the Dani Ridge House, a house that seems to blend in with the landscape. This house is another work of Carver and Schicketanz.

The air is so quite and we feel like the house is not there, the reason because the house is not intended to be noticed. Grass is covering the roof and there is only one floor in that house, but it still awesome because it blends in with the landscape and the view doesn’t look disturbed. The heat and the natural lights from the outside come in through the large windows and the feel is like living in the middle of nature. In fact you are not only living in a house with complete facilities, stylish and fancy, you also benefit from the nature.

The house design is amazing and not disturb all the utilities placed inside, including the underground water storage tank that contain approximately 500 gallon of water. No one will believe that this luxury cut is a house because it is very well disguised and located in a natural place.

If you long for silence and don’t want your neighbours to disrupt your daily routines then this house is for you. It gives you a piece of mind and complete silence. Think of the perfect mornings when you are awaken by the sun and you live your days with nature. These moments are valuable and energize you when you have to do your busy life.


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11 Photos of the Nature House – A piece of luxury in the middle of nature

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