New Hot Trend Soapstone Countertops

These days, modern kitchens are becoming more sophisticated, fashionable and beautiful thanks to the Soapstone Countertops. Soapstone is natural material which is soft when touched and mainly consist of talc and light greenish gray in color. These stretchable countertops are getting more popular because of two reasons : they look very attractive and practical.

Stains can be removed easily with fine sandpaper and can’t penetrate below the surface, sealers are not required by the soapstone countertops, thus it is so practical and different with natural stone countertops. With mineral oil, scratches can be removed by rubbing it. Soap Stone Countertops are very inert to all chemicals in the household, extremely dense, and resistant to heat. It has a dramatic look because the natural gray surface with light color turns dark when oxidized with oils and water thus the look is attractive. Use mineral oil if you want to make it look darker.

The natural appeal of the soapstone countertops is enhanced when it has darker color that makes it stand out. The appearance and its color is enhanced when you apply mineral oil regularly. These countertops are easy to renovate, just use oil to make it new again and then sand away the old surface. Per square foot, the price range from $70 to $85 with installation. Visit Soapstone West or Sensa to find more information.


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2 Photos of the New Hot Trend Soapstone Countertops

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