New Toilet Seat with bidet functionality from Kohler

InĀ  2006, the C3-100 was launched by Kohler as a new product, this was a Toilet Seat with bidet functionality. The use of toilet tissue is replaced with the use of water in the C3 toilet seats and it is very hygienic and refreshing too. All users will feelĀ  fun in having their toilet sessions. A warm aerated water is sprayed to the user from two different nozzles of waters extended on the seat both interior and exterior.

During the night, there is no requirement to turn on a light because the bowl comes with a light. You can find heat on the seat and it is not working if no one is sitting on it. A place in the side arm works as a control unit for the temperature and the bidet functionality. Furthermore, to be efficient in the use of energy, the c3 goes into save mode when not in use. More information is available at Kohler.


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2 Photos of the New Toilet Seat with bidet functionality from Kohler

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