New Ultra Modern Kitchen from Miton

The MT700G kitchen from Miton is a kitchen with an ultra modern design for the ultra modern people, with curving lines that are just beyond extraordinary. The curvatures give a futuristic look while the ergonomic design is fantastic and pleasing, just convenient to talk to. You can choose between one or two circular worktops that has a sink and a stovetop, the construction is available on an island or a peninsula. There is a cylindrical fan on the top of the stovetop, this fan serves as a practical feature that look very impressive and located down the ceiling.

The cupboards extend into some round corners while all your cooking supplies are stored in scads of storage, beautiful and complete. The worktops are made of stainless steel that even add more beauty to the whole stainless steel appliances that is fitted in neat. Use the MT700G kitchen from Miton if you want to give your home a bold statement.

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8 Photos of the New Ultra Modern Kitchen from Miton

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