Nice idea – Black and white home theater turned into a colorful focal point

The furniture with black and white color is always adorable, isn’t it? It is far from going old and constitute a combination of classic colors. Anyway, after a while it may become monotonous. So from time to time a change is made possible. A makeover has just been done to this black and white home theater. The colorful touch and the charm is still preserved.

This change was achieved with vinyl electrical tapes and not using paint, now the unit has a bright pop of green.The whole thing finally paid up and the process was tedious and long. The work result is satisfactory. A character is seen from this unit and the look is almost the same with the previous edition but it serves as the focal point in the house. Contact paper were insufficient, a bold tone such as green is required to get that.

Some sheets of self adhesive lime green vinyl are used to obtain the final look for the base while for the stripes, two types of vinyl electrical tape are used. A squeegee,  a t-square is used one by one to apply the vinyl sheets. Door removal had to be done for this process. When vinyl sheets covered them completely, you put them back onto the cabinets and then across the cabinets’s surface you apply the tape, one time for each long row. The results are amazing, but the process was long enough.


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