Old Times Victorian Hotel Pendant Bronze

The castle is a completely fun place, make you be seduced by all the privacy and convenience that it offers. Everything you want will be met quickly, and everyone is there to respect you, you even get a royal-style indoor facilities. Over time, the charm and all the beauty of the palace is faded, including any flickering that once adorned it. You will feel as part of the history of the castle when you enter through the high door, see the beautiful decorations and the throne as well the seat of the king’s servants. The feel when you see the massive chandeliers from crystal is awesome. You enjoy the lovely interiors of the castle and feel yourself as a character from those ages.

You will be directed to such ambience and recall the place with this beautiful Victorian Hotel Pendant Bronze. Your room will look like an unusual place where every visitor will be amazed as they see the room transformation.

The idea came from the findings from a grand hotel in Europe, a fixture from Victorian era. This pendant bronze from Victorian age is made of a combination of internal candelabra with modern design and typical of flame powered lanters with open metalwork. The beauty came from a finish with fine bronze and brass which is carefully handcrafted. It has six candelabra bulbs with 40W max power. The price of this item is range from $ 1095-$ 1595 and the A 3’L chain is also included. This special pendant lamp is finally ready for use in your house and feel the life of a real castle.


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