Original DIY Drip Drop Art

People can create original works and become great improvisers because actually they are more than creative. In order to complete a particular task o handle something they have to improvise according to the given circumstances. I find these kinds of circumstances are getting numerous because I am a teacher. As a teacher I have to improvise myself so that all my students don’t get bored and you can control them over time. To achieve this you may have to create a short speech, a game, or a joke or perhaps end your lesson faster. Give them good examples.

A piece of art wanted to be placed over her TV by Derona from Design Gratis. She wanted to feel nice while also have an inexpensive piece. She recalled of a huge frame from IKEA that she hid behind a dinner table and can be made a gorgeous painting. The notion is to get something that could fit this frame in the form of an original painting.

In the sime time she attempted to do something original and similar as the one found in a DIY article on the web. For her DIY project, the main ingredient were the watercolors. First, she made some sketch of perimeters and give them marks so that under no stress she could carry on her “dripping”. The result was great and she used all types of colors. She created a design which imitated the shape of waves so the result recall her to the sea waves. Time was the only inconvenient. All her efforts were tremendous even if she took a little more time than she thought it could be.


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2 Photos of the Original DIY Drip Drop Art

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