Outdoor Wooden Lounger by Etel Interiors

Any ideas of mixing modern designed furniture with old appeal? This outdoor wooden lounger is definitely what you look for in new interior design that combine old shool appeal. This piece is completely made of wood with wheels that make it old fashioned but charming. This wooden lounger is designed by Etel Carmona, the symbol of quality craftsmanship with proven durability. You can use this lounger for years to come because it has a timeless look and appeal.

Every parts of this lounger is manufactured form the strongest type of wood with natural finish from its bolts, nuts, and wheels even the smooth slats that will ensure you to enjoy comfort. In terms of size, the Carro de Boi Longer is sizing 31.5 by 61 by 76 inches. Large enough for us to revel, relax, and recline in the outdoors. Visit Etel Interiors for more information.


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5 Photos of the Outdoor Wooden Lounger by Etel Interiors

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