Oversized and Large Stone Bathtubs by Vaselli

Looking for bathtubs with large size? Well, these large oversized bathtubs from Vaselli is large enough and have the potential to overcome your bathtub problem. The size of this bathtub is enormous and boats beauty and bold. The Italian company, Vaselli is an expert of stone designs. They use stone material and come with a polished and refined piece of stunning sculptural work, trully a nuance of nature.

According to Vanelli, the stone itself is totally perfect. Within the stone is motions hidden by nature, water, and other elements. You can see empty spaces and changes of color and veins in the texture of the stones. This bathtub is the mixture of advance technology, ancient art of stonecutting and nature. Traditional and modern style is visible in these oversized stone bathtubs. When you take a along the base of these bathtubs you can see exceptional countour that lead to comfort use. Moreover, it has circular shape. Visit Vaselli and make yourself amazed at their amazing oversized designs.


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4 Photos of the Oversized and Large Stone Bathtubs by Vaselli

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