Petra and Tegola Stone Lamps

I’ve been amazed by a new lighting device from Marco Maturo and Alessio Roscini. In the beginning, I didn’t even realize what this thing does and what they really are as I saw these pictures. To really know what it is, i had to think for a while and by telling you this, I feel so happy. These are two parts of limestone changed into two table lamps.

In Jordan, there is a popular monument called Petra that inspired the first lamp, all are carved and dug into hard rock. In the world of architecture, it has been a tradition that the leccese stone is the stone used by many to create sculptures and many other projects. Now this material is used to produce a table lamp. This material provides a new chance for industrial manufacturing, and I would say that it is very incredible. The source of light is hold by the major body that compose Petra, while on both sides of the lamp, direct lights and the upper part slides in.

The story behind this product is among the most interesting matters. For example, a huge block of stone is used to create two parts of the lamp. Tegora, the next lamp is intended to be placed on the side of the bed or on a desk because of a reflection of it. Similar with the first one, it would also fit on top of each other, like the one which has too parts. The top part of the lamp serves as a reflector, pointing the lights into the floor thus we feel cozy while we read boks in the night.


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4 Photos of the Petra and Tegola Stone Lamps

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