Pink Bathroom Fixtures – ‘Lilac’ Bathroom Sets by Aquaplus

These sets of Lilac bathroom by Aquaplus Solutions are the provement of bathroom with spa functions, in the same time they are luxurious, romantic, and soft. The lines of these feminine collection included a pink series of girly fixtures for the bathroom. The same as the inspiration, these pink fixtures for the bathroom are spice and sugar with a mix of fun thrown there. Different from their color that look spicy, these sets of flirty bathroom are decent. As a separate section or their own, any modern bathroom is complemented with contemporary and clean lines.

The pink collection is ranging from the Ecoscape shower tray (priced £585, available in 1400-by-80mm and 1200mm-by-80mm), the bidet and Lilac toilet (from £305), and the ceramic Fly washbasin (from £397) as pictured here. Visit Aquaplus Solutions for more information.


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4 Photos of the Pink Bathroom Fixtures – ‘Lilac’ Bathroom Sets by Aquaplus

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