Pink Room – Designing a Pink Little Girl’s Room

Everything is so much fun when you have a little girl. You may want her to have her own room even if your little girl is still very little. Your daughter has to feel comfortable and have some privacy spending time there so having their own place is good for children. As you begin planning the room of your little girl, you should keep some focus whether it is time for a change or you have just moved to a new house.


Organization should be the first judgement in designing a room for any little girl. We have to admit that girls often have more stuff than boys, and you want all her belonging to scatter everywhere. You can use some easy ways to keep things organized and rid all of the clutter, even if your work space is not very large.

Girls love stuffed animals and if your little girl a lot of them you can hang them in a mesh net in the corner to get them off the floor and keep her special treasures. Up along the shelves you can line the stuffed animals, or make some wall shelving to invest them. Don’t save all of her stuffed animals, she needs one to accompany her to sleep.

Make it Personalize

It is important for you to make your room personal. Do this by buying a plant she likes to place in the window, or choose bedding with her favorite character of Disney. Its all about understanding what she likes best and what she’d like to keep in the room that build her personality. A room personalization will make her feel special and almost cost nothing, the space is also more welcoming.

Fun and Function

Fun and functionality are two of the most crucial elements as you plan to design the room for your little girl. She has to feel free playing with her toys and able to listen to her favrotite songs everyday in her bedroom, but still the key role is the functionality. For extra storage then choose built in drawers on a bed, because it can save a dresser that use up plenty of space, this option is ideal for a smaller room.

The amount of available storage in a room can be increased and work well with a wall unit in the closet or with an ottoman storage, everything mustn’t spread all over the room or cluttered and be in its place.

Grown up Girl

If your girl has grown up then use some certain pieces that make it more mature but still fun and keep it girly. Even the most girly bedroom can be made more adult by integrating rich colors such as burgundy, and chocolate brown.

Be creative with colors

Pink doesn’t have to make up the whole pallete only because you’re decorating a girl’s room. Instead of thinking using purple shades and predictable pink, you can mix and match different options of color. Use some throw pillows, a rose print rug, lace accents, and sheer draperies to maintain the feminine look of the room.

There are simple ways you can use to transform the look of your girl’s room and make it hers even if your budget is tight. Your little angle girl needs a perfect design in her bedroom, and it doesn’t matter if she wants a more grown up look or still dreams of fairytale princess.


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