Portable Ethanol Outdoor Fireplace Lighthouse by Planika

Literally the lighthouse is the element in the outdoor planning,  it is a portable outdoor fireplace that uses ethanol to work. According to Planika, the creator, the idea of creating the Lighthouse fireplace came from the way people wandering within a dwelling lit by fire, and to adorn spaces. It is natural that when fire sparks since the very first time, people have been attracted, especially to beauty it offers. The fire is enclosed with an artistic web which is capping the simple base made of stone, the star is really burn the fuel in such a clean way.

You can keep your outdoor alive and warm while you involved in chatting with a dancing light thanks to these portable fireplaces. Visit Planika to get more accurate information about the Lighthouse ethanol fireplace.


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3 Photos of the Portable Ethanol Outdoor Fireplace Lighthouse by Planika

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