Practical storage station for your mail

Sometime a friend send you a mail but you just put in on a table, right? This solution is not always working and far from practical. Somehow you need a fixed place for storing your mails, a better storage. This place must be the one that you already know that ease you when you need to find something in the house. You can make this DIY anytime you want. But first, you must get a wood stain, sandpaper, a small wood bit, a drill, screws, a piece of wood cut to the right dimension and a shelf.

When you have all the materials with you then decide if you want to stain the shelf or not. Prepare the wood and grab the sandpaper if the answer is yes. Wait until its dry once you have stained it. Next, look for a possible side on the wall where you want the shelf to be placed. First, get the brackets installed and later the screws.

Next, continue with the magazine holders, install it when the shelf is prepared. With the smallest wood bit that you have, get one shelf and drill 3 holes. Two of them must be placed along the back while one shall be on the top edge. Mark the spot based on where you want them to go. Have the shelf hammered in the main holes after you remove it.

Two or three holders for these magazine are okay. Before you add the final touches, you have to make sure. The materials for this project is easy to find, and the process is very simple. The entrance near a wall is agood idea to be fitted with these holders. Now, you can sort your mail immediately once you have them. You can use the shelf for storing everything that accompany you at all time such as your phone, and your keys. These pieces are remarkable. (find them at instructables).


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