Quirky Lamps by Oligo Mademoiselle Filou

The Mademoiselle Filou is designed by Oligo, a German innovator in lighting, known for their capacity in turning a pesky room into a more welcoming house because this lamp is fun and quirky. The ceiling lamps and the Mademoiselle Filou wall are designed by Sigi Bussinger, the inspiration came from the household fly, the body is equipped with controllable and tiltable tea stainer eyes while heat resistant fabric is adding durability to the metal body. In addition, the  lamp is like bug because the a light bulb is added with silver coating.

These lights are very cool and can be mounted on the ceiling or on the walls, placing them on the tabletops are great as well, in swarms or in singles. Visit Oligo and check out these ceiling lamps and quirky wall.

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4 Photos of the Quirky Lamps by Oligo Mademoiselle Filou

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