Reconditioning a Vintage Ottoman – Before and After

To save time, money, and materials, you would need a total reconditioning. With this technique, we can give new functions to some old things thus they will continue to be useful for a very long time. You may have things that still shapy but they may be outdated. Design some new items and never cast them off because they prove to be useful with new shape and designs.

This case prevails to Jill Browning who wanted to save his vintage beige ottoman whose shape is still very good. The ottoman has a very good shape and the legs were astonishingly strong but the look is out of fashion. A shower curtain became the saving solution. On this ottoman, the shower curtain with floral pattern looked very surprising. This idea is not very costly too but in the same time you can have something good and save your money too.

If you work with your creativity and imagination you can use shower curtains in other DIY projects. Everything is based on what you want to have on your requirements. They can be used as curtains for empty areas under a sink or get a good image to use as a flower wrapping. Use the shower curtains for multiple purposes and the things that you make can be awesome. Turn your creative ideas into practice and don’t be afraid to do so. The results that you get will be surprising and useful too.


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2 Photos of the Reconditioning a Vintage Ottoman – Before and After

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