Remaking a Vintage Couch for your House

People often love somethings that they owe because they are human beings with sensitive sentiment. Things become hard to be discarded or to replace with something new when the time has come as there is nothing that really last for good. Now, have you ever thought of your rocking chair in front of your TV when you used to fall asleep for so many times, or your lovely dolls that are now deteriorated. We need solution to save things that now become too old for our age, somethings out of fashion, worn out, or others that become faded.

Consider this lovely vintage couch that was built during the 1930 -1940s with some sort of Queen Anne Style and a red elephant print. The owner is convinced to remake the couch as he sees the fact that it was stretched all over the place, the wooden legs were dented, and the fabric was faded.

The point is to preserve the charm and style of the old one and also to obtain a new couch. The owner use a bold fabric with purple color and paid more than $900 to reupholstere the vintage couch. Now the couch has a cleaner look because the cording from the center back of the couch was discarded and a new black paint with semi gloss is provided on the wooden legs.

The satisfaction of the owner is something invaluable even if everything is a little too costly for this remaking to be realized. Now, everything is a reality. (check out at compartmentlife).


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3 Photos of the Remaking a Vintage Couch for your House

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