Repair Idea – From a crashed glass table to a wood one

Natural things are important for us. Everything with less toxic and gives health to our body are search by many people, things that make us love the environment, nature, and provide a better life.  Thus everything made of fibers, wool, and wood are preferred by lots of people, especially things and handcrafted items that can be finished with their own hands.

This month is June and plenty of us who used to live indoor prefer to stay outside as possible. We feel better, more relaxed, and nicer when we have dinner outside the house, when playing in the yard, or working in the garden. But what if you couldn’t afford one and you happen to be a person who love the live edge tables? Well, you can benefit from this DIY project that you make your dream come true.

You may need things such as a piece of furniture for the edges, a belt sander, some screws, screwed scrap pieces and some glue, some liquid nails, a built in ice bucket, a narrower and two wood pieces with large sizes to be united together, and then an old outdoor table with a metal base to run this DIY live edge able. Your existing materials then be completed with thick braces from metal and some Marine Spar Varnish so the end results will be satisfactory and last very long. These outdoor activities are not only fun but also a pleasant DIY Live Edge Table.


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