Residence in Aspen by Stonefox – Renovated in 1980

This house was built in 1980 and still look stylish until now. The house looks contemporary with a very exclusive design. You can find this house in Aspen, Colorado. The house design has been renewed by Stonefax Design to have a more casual and simpler appearance.

Until now, the house has adopted some architectural styles and transformed for several times. Now the house has been given a contemporary look and perfected with various combination. The clients asked the architects to simplify the interior as well the exterior. They wanted the home décor to match the same approach and style, the owners also wanted a special room for their extensive collection of contemporary art.

The inspiration of this renewal is taken from the Asian world. Currently the house has an elegant décor, look casual, strong, and simple. The color palette includes the tones of brown and beige and retrained. The furniture used in this building is comfortable and simple. The house décor is extremely stylish and luxurious. The clients wanted the house to be perfect so they really take into account everything from carpets, textures, fabrics, veneers, and the flooring. In terms of visual appearance, all these details are subtle and beautiful. Bright and dark tones are well balanced, the room has more charm and they form a continous décor and the same follow is followed.


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11 Photos of the Residence in Aspen by Stonefox – Renovated in 1980

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