Seura Television Mirror – Modern bathroom mirror

The latest trend in home décor is now available with the presence of Seura Television Mirror. This system is incorporating a mirror with the signal from HDTV or EDTV LCD television. The design of Seura Television Mirror is very innovative and modern, the position is hidden beneath a handmade mirror, and can’t be seen when it is turned off. But different when it is turned on, it will be visible within the mirror as a window.

Your bathroom sessions will be more fun because you can watch some television programs as you brush your teeth without feeling the need for a TV screen. In order to present an explicit picture from the LCD as it is on and to have it masked as it is turned off, a specific mirror technology is used by Seura.

The television mirrors have different dimensions and the minimum standard sizes are measuring 24” x 36”,33” x 36”,45” x 36”,57” x 36”, 69” x 36” (W x H). Find the quotation if you want to purchase a Custome TV Mirror from Seura. You can get a TV mirror sizing 13, 15, or 20 inch depending on the size of the television. You must buy the mirror together with the LCD TV. You can find the speakers within the box of the TV Mirror. In addition, through a regular A/V inputs and outputs, it can be connected with a system of external sound or a satellite tv system, as well a cable and a DVD player. A remote control with infrared for the LCD is also available in the package.


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