Shallow Prep Sink from Glem with a Cascading Water Jet

This extraordinary prep sink from Glem : the Acquapino, is very convenient to use and will be appreciated by chefs and those who dream to become a chef. The major area of the sink is made of stainless steel with large expanse, the water stream is steadily flow down this area. This is useful when you’re cleaning vegetables, when conserving water, to keep the area tidy, and to get rid of the dirt.

There is also a “shower faucet” with hand held if you care for a much stronger directed jet. In case you want to move it, you can use the generous cord to the maximum position, so getting things squeezed peculiarly under the taps is no longer happening.

Beside the main sink, you also have a deeper sink with small size complete with a draining basket from stainless steel. In addition, a shallow draining tray is fitted into the large sink, but this attachment is optional. This shallow prep sink from Glem is so versatile and you will love it, the Acquapino.


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4 Photos of the Shallow Prep Sink from Glem with a Cascading Water Jet

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