Shower Cabin from Kos – Kosmic1 and Kosmic2 chromatherapy cabins

As you already know, your experience in bathing will change forever with the shower cabin from Kos. The shower cabin of Kosmic chromotheray comes with a lot of amenities which will enter you into a luxury spa each time you take morning shower. To ease out your tensions of your busy day, this high end unit is equipped with a back and vertical hydromassage that revolve all the time and adjustable. The most comfortable element of this sliding showerhead is that it caters various users and with maximum functions. To enhance the experience of Spa bathing, the Turkish bath is featured with several theurapeutic essence.

In the confines of your shower, you can create a show of vibrant light as the Idrocolore technology is optional, however, it is still La Piece de resistance. With a touch in the digital keyboard, the environment of your showering can turn from blue to purple to green. The Kosmic Line of shower comes in two different sizes, Kosmic 2 at 180x129x220cm and the Kosmic 1 at 129x129x220cm.


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2 Photos of the Shower Cabin from Kos – Kosmic1 and Kosmic2 chromatherapy cabins

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