Simple DIY Pallet Swing

We’ve shown you several ways of using pallets with new and creative ways, but we haven’t told you anything about this one. This pallet is actually easy to make and called a pallet swing. They will last for a very long time. Purchasing them can be too costly but if they are so simple we can make one by yourself.

In this DIY project, you may need nylon rope, sand paper, and a pallet. Grab the pallet and begin the work. Cut the pallet in half and take off two end boards. To the end of the pallet then add some boards and also use the part of the leftover. They work as holders for the drink. Next, sand the top and the sides lightly and later grab the swing and stain it. The most complicated part is this part. Now you are done with the swing.

Later grab the porch and then attach the swing. For this part you may have to use nylon. You’ll need up to 24 feet of rope. Connect the pallet to the rope and tie them tightly so you see that your swing doesn’t tilt. Make sure that its secure and safe. You can add one or two pillow to make it more comfortable and you can add upholstery if you feel involved in the project.


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5 Photos of the Simple DIY Pallet Swing

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