Simple Lighting Idea – Egg Basket Chandelier

The easter celebration is coming soon and everyone awaits for this Christian celebration day. Adults are becoming more religious and like doing many good things, while the youths are everywhere looking for eggs as plenty as they possibly can. This is a fun time and has been celebrated for many generations. In the past the easter eggs were put in a specific baskets that were made by the only skilled person in the village, while now, the eggs are put in all types of baskets.

Until now, the baskets are still recalled but are used limitedly in design – similar to this Egg Basket Chandelier which is so antique and wonderful. Seeing that chandelier is long in shape and white colored, it is perfect for use in a big hall or a barn, or perhaps to hang on the ceiling. You just have to provide two ropes which is sturdy enough. The five egg baskets that attached to it in capsize position is a bizarre element from the design of this chandelier. A light bulb is put in each of the baskets so in total there are five light bulbs with approximately 100 watt ones.

You can visit Harvest Home Stores and pay for $440 to get this extraordinary chandelier.


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