Stainless Steel Tubs by Wild Terrain Designs

In your lifetime, a glorious experience of bathing is offered by the Wild Terrain Designs through the Tub-T series with its amazing beauty. This showstopper is so futuristic and eye catching, your first encounter with it will be your first love at first sight. The Tub-T is nice and clean to look at because it made of pure stainless steel.

To step into the comfortable way in your life, the tub is given a convenient and charming way provided by the sandblasted swirls and touched glass steps in the stair. Each step of the glass is brightened by the LED lights that glow faintly and stunning beauty of the tub is also emphasized.

Behind the bathtub, aesthetic splendor is added with the handrail thus eventhouh the steps become a bit slippery, you have a firm support. As your body is swaddled by the soothing water, you can sit comfortably on a bench seat that allow you to relax and sit back. You can keep the water in the way you like as the bench comes with a built in heater. Your bathroom has a great appeal and charm with the Tub-T addition, your amazement won’t stop till here. Visit Wild Terrain Designs to obtain this valuable experience.


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