Ten Alternative Ways To Use Coat Hooks

The coat racks and coat hooks are not merely used for hanging coats. You can use them for hanging something other than just to hang up our coats, they can be used for other things and placed elsewhere. The hook can hang everything in addition to our outerwear but they’re still just a hoolk. Follow these useful ideas to use hooks and find out what you can hang up next.

1. Hang your scarves

Hang your scarves and don’t place them in a clutter of clothes. Showing your lovely shawls with a coat hook will make them great in shape and also jazz up a closet area. These also allow you to find them easily.

2. Hang your belts

Already bored looking for your belts in a cluttered and busy closet? Hook them up on some hooks so you can find them faster.

3. Display your jewelry

You can do it easily by yourself. Display your lovely necklaces and organize them, use cost hooks to display them. Messes and tangles are no longer visible. You don’t have to spend more time to look for what you need if you separate your golds from your pearls.

4. Purses are easier to find

Hanging your purses on hooks is a faster way to put your accessories in a pinch. For displaying or organizing objects, coat hooks are highly versatile. For a quick access on the go just hang your most used purses and then grab them later.

5. Hang Potholders, pots and pans, and kitchen utensils

For the kitchen the coat hooks are excellent. Hang your potholders, pots and pans, towels and other kitchen utensils. With this, your cabinets look so fun and the space seems more spacious. Beside of that, seeing those pans and pots make you eager for cooking.

6. Art

Make an arsty collection. Add buttons, glitter, photos or flowers. Create something beautiful and new from an older rack of coat.

7. Tea or coffee corners

Make a tea or coffee corners if you have discovered the appropriate décor for the coat hook. Display your teapots or other cute objects and hang them up, but hide the creamer and your splenda in the cubbies.

8. Conceal your ironing board

Make more space and get rid of the clutter. Put the ironing board on the wall and conceal it by hanging it on a hook. This solution is stylish and still cute, tidy, and neat.

9. Display your art

Hang up your wall art with coat hooks. Make something eclectic by creating a collage.

10. Hide your tools

Store your gardening tools off the garage floors. Keep them organized with coat hooks.


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