The Amazing Balanced Casa Lola from Brasil

This house is so charming and beautiful, located in a small fishing area called Trancoso, in Brazil. In every way this house is impressive and very beautiful situated in a modest place. It has a perfect balance, as implied by the name, Casa Lola. Everything about it is just cool and simple in design.

A complex mix of materials used for the Casa Lola. The architects look for a harmonious design that merge nature elements, as well to preserve the characteristics of each material because glass, cement and wood are typical combinations used in many buildings hence the house featured with a perfect balance. While preserving its originality and simplicity, the house keeps looking spectacular because this property has a different way in expressing something and changing it into a remarkable matters.

This house is really a reflection of the city where it resides. In terms of design and fine architectural, this house is a spectacular example that able to transform modesty and uniqueness into a masterpiece.  The choice of materials are just amazing. The landscape and everything else seems in perfect balance, all connections between indoor and the outdoor is very strong.

The owner wants to be as close as possible with nature but the house doesn’t aim to become perfect even if the interior is fitted with wooden furniture, and exposed beams from wood. In particular, even if the used materials are not characterized by astuteness and warmth, it still feel very cozy and charming. In its own way, this house is stylish and inviting. The most influential is how you use it, not what you use. For that reason, Casa Lola is a good example.


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11 Photos of the The Amazing Balanced Casa Lola from Brasil

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