The Birchgrove House Connected with Nature by Pearse Architects

This house is a masterpiece from the collaboration of Brian Kiernan and Pearse Architects, is a modern styled residence. The clients wanted the house to be placed close to the nature because they were keen gardeners. Finally, the architects made the garden looked unusual and the garden became the star of their project.

The existing house had been added with an extension. This structure of the house was predetermined and above the garden, a second floor was added. As they designed the project, they didn’t have too many options. As smooth as they can, they had to connect the new addition with the existing spaces in such a possible way. They used a pon to do that. This feature is complementing the garden as well brings the house closer to all levels.

The house and the original palm trees around the house wanted to be preserved by the clients since they were very passionate about gardening and nature. When they purchased the property they had built these trees so they had a sentimental and symbolic value. Because the house is situated in the middle of fine vegetations, the house looks very beautiful. The house is a dream come true for the owner, it is a place where they can enjoy more privileges and meet their taste and needs, feel welcomed and of course, to feel comfort. They will be able to enjoy this modern property for years to come.


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12 Photos of the The Birchgrove House Connected with Nature by Pearse Architects

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