The Caterpillar House by Feldman Architecture

Extraordinary influences and combination of styles are flourishing the Caterpillar House but frankly the look is a little strange. Basically it looks like a house with ranch style and modern interpretation. In the same time, strong influence of the mid century is very strong. Combining all of these elements is an odd idea, but when you look deeper into it, these styles result in an original and well balanced composition eventhough we can’t expect too much from these styles.

There is only one level at the house. The ground is close as well as long to the house. We can conclude that the Caterpillar House perfectly fits the surrounding areas when we consider the elements of architecture as well the option of materials. The house is like already there since the creation of the world. The connection between the close indoor and outdoor should be the first priority especially when we think of the house that has a ranch style. The house becomes part of the entire area as it rises and grass from the ground.

Basically, the Caterpillar house is open planned. Its design has a lot of modern features. The house has a continous design and ceilings with wood panels that continue from indoor to the outdoors. The interior is not only look elegant and casual but also look warm and feels cozy. Behind their simplicity, most of the features have modern design, most of them are made of wood. At the same time, the house is beautiful and sustainable.


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10 Photos of the The Caterpillar House by Feldman Architecture

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