The Contemporary Sunset Vale House by WOW Architects

We give our house a little nick nack of nature because we love the outdoor environment and want to be as close as possible to it. Some people then further address this concept. Some house designs seemed to be influenced by the appearance of the landscape so they use it as much as possible. For example, this residence was built around the landscape and attempted to integrate the garden  with the house.

This house is called the Sunset Vale House. This house is located in Singapore and done by WOW Architects. The clients asked the architects to add the landscape into the house design and to give it contemporary atmosphere. The house was completed in 2008 and the results were amazing. The clients and their vision were great. The idea was to make a kind of “indoor garden” with typical design complementing a house with a garden.

During the making, some principle are used and there are three different levels in the house. The house is very smooth and has seamless transition so the interior and the exterior is not so easy to distinguish. Each level and each part of the house is occupied by elements of nature. For example, the living room and the covered lounge area is separated by pebbles and clear water in a small island with a tree. This area has the same design as the roof but with a much bigger size.


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10 Photos of the The Contemporary Sunset Vale House by WOW Architects

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