The Kobuchi Apartment, a project in Japan

If you visit Kanagawa in Japan, you will see this contemporary building. The project was handled by Toru Kudo + architecture WORKSHOP together with Kankyo Engineering Inc and EJIRI Structural Engineers. The work was done in 2006. The apartment sits in an area measuring 443.56 square meters. It looks like a big residence but actually it is a complex of apartments.

Initially the building was designed for the owner families but it has six residences and several apartment for rent. This project was aimed to prioritize economic development. The concept of grouped families is introduced here. Several families share the same space and the spaces have been divided and can be bought as well for rent. So there is a sense of diversity and balance in this way.

There are four levels in the building. Visually, the residences of the owners and the rental apartments are different. The rental apartments sits on a base platform and have used structures from concrete and steel structures are used on the owners’ residences. All residence can visit a public area there. This public area occupies the entire floor but basically it is a space like garden. in this space all residents are encouraged to spend time together and to interact, it is a kind of vast living room for the whole building. Basically, this project is interesting and encourage the concept of living coexist in peace and harmony as well communication.


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5 Photos of the The Kobuchi Apartment, a project in Japan

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