The main function of double sink bathroom vanity ideas

Double sink bathroom vanity ideas are more multi-functional. Furniture located in the bathroom can also be used for make-up or dry hair after shampooing and other activities related to appearance. Even activities toothbrush and shave his beard and mustache can also be done at this spot. Therefore vanities are always equipped with shelves or cabinets buffet small size that is used to store various types of equipment such as a comb, a hair dryer or hair dryer, toothpaste and toothbrush, small towel, tissue, shaving tools, and so on. Do not miss the glass mirror that can be used to look at facial features are also available.

Double sink bathroom vanity ideas are placed integrally with the rack cabinet or buffet. Vanities that look also like the sink is placed at the top of the buffet with embedded position in the tub. So the top of the shape remains flat. But there are also the only vanities placed on top without planted on the inside. The first thing to consider when buying or choosing vanities is the quality, especially on the shelf. Therefore the furniture placed in the bathroom, it will often expose to water spray. Especially considering the main function that also use water to clean the face, then choosing one made of waterproof material.

Usually on the top or roof buffet double sink bathroom vanity ideas are made of marble, granite or similar materials that are not damaged when exposed to water. While at the bottom of the door and the wall for example, can use other materials than wood. Of course, this timber should be given another complete layer or coating that is anti- fungal and water. It is important to remember that the bathroom is not only more than function. Bathrooms become therapy room to relax your body, providing comfort, and a private area where you can indulge yourself while caring for body hygiene.

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