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This house is full of energy,is a bright colors, «tattoos» on the walls, iconic design. But especially author be proud of «organic reconstruction».

Milan is called «frenetio» («vain»), for the frantic pace by Italian standards. The young couple, Luke and Carlotta, purchased a house in the area of Parma. Luka is a head of large IT-company. Daily stress at work, Luka wanted of rest at least in the evenings. Gio Pagani, head of Gio Pagani Arch Group, invited to adapt the building. The author tells about the project, «The building was built of qualitative local stone during the sixties. It is preserved perfectly, but it have expanded and so radically to 1500 square km. I would say that the reconstruction of the organic, we wanted to harmony as the environment as the old construction. We tried that the intervene was unobtrusive. The same stone was used and constructive beams stayed in full view. Glazed lounge with overlooks the park.(By the way, park is over a hundred years old.) And which view of office on the third floor! In the northern part is large forest, on the southern is river and snowy hills. Its a wonderful landscape. My customers are young. I wanted to give the dynamic nature of their lives, because of this I have excluded the «enclosed» rooms. The central staircase pierces the building so that all floors are viewed. The feature of the project is the contrast of old materials with modern design. Chairs by Panton and Dixon, chandelier by Stark for the Baccarat. All of this we have chosen together with Luka and Carlotta. Design is a perfect object for the investment. And yet we are interested in other more. The alternative energy sources and efficient technologies are what that really excites. Do you know that the incandescent lamp will be «outlawed»? Have calculated that it consumes a lot of energy. So the to invest is necessary in the equip house, think through the thermal insulation and etc. In first costs and then savings. It is investment for the future. Not only in their.»

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Details and methods.



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«In their reasonable combinations is the key to optimal budget. Not necessary to use only expensive trim. We used in the project a shale, lime plaster, wood, terracotta tiles and mosaics. Something expensive and something cheap, but all materials are worked in the context. They are natural, eco-friendly and traditional for this region.»

The unique wall

«I studied real tattoo and bought a catalog that diversify the wall. Images are copied to the plastering base by mean of huge stencils. Drawings are reminded the non vanishing shadow. For example, the giant dragon takes on stairwell. Graphics is actively used in the cabinet. It is covered with wallpaper. Our office has created  this wallpaper design, the Wall and Deco engaged in production. Prototype for this wallpapers is a fabric of Chinese wedding dresses. Ornament redesigned in a tattoo style.

Norm of color

«In color are no rules. Its choice depends on the location, people, atmosphere, light room and dining room are most emotional. But additional premises, for example a kitchen, should be simple that does not overtax eyesight.  In the kitchen is important the function. An impressive array appliances but but the only grey color. In private spaces, in the bedrooms, I prefer the soft nuances, for example the color of ground, tree bark and river pebbles.»

More than bedroom

«Space for hobbies should be in your own home. Luka arranged a recording studio in the basement. Carlota was  engaged spa by following a fashion trend. Bathtub, carved from a single block of shale, installed opposite the bed. Behind a glass partition has a shower with chromotherapy and hammam. Creation of wellness-centers is specialize of our bureau. We were building them in UAE, USA. Germany and Switzerland.

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