The Newly Restored Son Canoves Houses from Spain

A series of local houses in spanish countryside underwent restoration in 2011, the project was run by Duch Piza Arquitectos that work together with architect Iciar De Basterreche. These building are located in Islas Baleares, La Palma, and Secar de la Real in Spain, they came from the 19th century. The restoration project was started in 2011, and it included this lovely house.

In the central area of this building there are three stories and planned with rectangular design. The house is equipped with  lateral terraces facing the garden on both of the sides and on different levels, on the sides the height decreases gradually. The public spaces that you see at the end of the project were originally part of the garden in the property, a separate part of the building. The house had a terrible shape and had been left for decades. It wasn’t very easy for the architects to complete the restoration.

The house was devided into two separate volumes, the library and the community center. The first level and the ground floor is located in the first volume. At the end of the building, precisely on the ground floor you can find the multi functional rooms because they wanted to reconnect the areas that used to be a garden and the outdoor areas. They make a continous space that face the courtyard. The library is located at the upper floor. In the center of this space, there is a skylight and it is filled with natural light.


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7 Photos of the The Newly Restored Son Canoves Houses from Spain

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