The Shard, Western Europe’s tallest building, is being inaugurated

The shard is located in London, precisely at the London Bridge Quarter, is a shining tall tower. In western Europe, this building is the tallest tower. With multiple levels, the tower is an attractive monument but of course not everyone will appreciate this project and not all critics agree with it.

95% of the shared possession of the shard belongs to the state of Qatar. 360 degree views of the city is offered by T and has 72 floors. This building is considered eco-friendly and has a mix of engineering and design different to common skyscrapers. The cause is that 20% of the steel used on the building was recycled. Recycle also made on the waste construction remnants up to 95%. Sky gardens are available on each floor of the tower and work provide better air quality as well ventilation and add more beauty for the décor.

Inside the tower, there are residential spaces, retail, and offices, while the height is more than 1,106 feet. Restaurants and deluxe hotels are also available. Everything is available in the tower, a mix of everything needed by everyone. The completion of the tower by architects need three years but everything is perfect. This year everyone will benefit from a laser show and an inauguration party in London, the news is already spread wide. The tower will be open to public in February year 2013, but you can pay £20 to enjoy the scenery from above the tower.


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8 Photos of the The Shard, Western Europe’s tallest building, is being inaugurated

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