The Snovsen Desk Lamp by MadeByWho

A table lamp is good enough without excessive accessories or being too fancy. The idea is to make it functional and practicle as possible. Normally, the design is versatile and simple and not consume too many space. These criteria can be met found on the snovsen lamp. This lamp is minimalist and intended for use in libraries, home offices and other spaces with the same characterietics.

This lamp was created by MadeByWho, a design studio located in Denmark. It has two basic geometrical shapes and made of a combination of squares and a mixture of circles with a very decent design. The desktop lamp looks very impressive with its simplicity and the result is very charming. The support structure was made of maple wood pieces from Denmark. There is aso a thin painted shade from ceramic. The light is dispersed correctly by the angled structure and gives extra light to the user.

A single LED with extreme brightness is given to the lamp. Considering the weight which is very light, the thin shade, and other materials, it becomes sustainable, and cost efficient. Its design is functional and very smart. A natural finish is seen from the wooden structure that gives it a casual charm and rustic appeal. Efficiency and simplicity is also seen from the mixture of materials. In terms of design and colors, all models are very versatile and there are various colors in the shade.


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