The two in one CGM House by Ricardo Torrejon

In chile, exactly in the region of Valparaiso in Los Aromos, Limache, you can find the CGM House. The house has a contemporary look and exist in an area covering 310.0 square meters. The house was built in 2012 and developed by Ricardo Torrejon Schellhorn a leading home designer.

The owner of the house posed a difficult request to him. He wanted the house to be applicable not only as a major residence, but also as a private vacation spot. Actually the request was understandable because many of us want to feel like in the vacation while we live everyday in our house.

The project was not as easy as previously thought because Ricardo had to look for inspirations and he felt challenges in realizing this project. But the surrounding areas were perfect and the architects benefitted from this. The whole area looked undisturbed, very quite and had exotic panorama, the area was nearly isolated too.

Other challenges in the project as requested by the owners were to make this house a good place for regular social gatherings and also to enable all family members from all ages to inteact pleasantly everyday. The owner also wanted more privacy from the house. Other than flexibility in terms of design, the owner of the house also wanted more privacy and intimacy.

Perhaps turning all those expectations into reality wasn`t that simple because what the owner wanted were irrelevant to one another. To overcome these issues, the arthitects decided to make series of volumes with different functions. For more primacy and intimacy, some isolations were made to some volumes of the house, but they also becamse the part of the entire design.

The house has four volumes. The volumes are used for service areas, as regular spaces, the other used by children, and the last is used by the parents. The house design is completely functional and all of the problems can be solved in accordance with the requests of the house owners.

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14 Photos of the The two in one CGM House by Ricardo Torrejon

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