Tibetan rugs – the most luxurious in the world

Tibetan rugs are known as the best in the world, especially its textures that bring distinctive moods set by the colorful drawings and unparalleled beauty. Now these rugs are more popular than before because they look elegant, relaxing, inviting, and of course warm. Since the use of exotic woods become more popular, the same prevails to the use of rugs to cover and gives accent to a costly floor. Tibetan rugs are hand crafted from silk and wool in meticulous way, and soon become the costliest and the most luxurious rugs.

For those who long for its existence, to think on it, sit on it, and walk on it, the rugs become very important and often called Himalayan. Lately, Tibetan rugs are made in modern and traditional style, artistic designs are also applied. This rug fits any home décor. Tibetan rugs make a fab addition to your room, they also worth considering in terms of investment.

We have discovered that Tufenkian is the best in the industry, this company is located in New York and known to maintain the American heritage. Their products are made of the real wool from Tibet brought over the Himalayas by Yak. The wool comes from sheep that runs at a high plateau measuring about 15,000 feet high at Tibetan Highland. This wool is full of Lanolin and very strong. Contact Tufenkian at 1-800-475-4788 and pay for SRP $7200 to get them, the rugs are on display at Tabriz Medallion Moss Rug. The size is measuring 9×12′.


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3 Photos of the Tibetan rugs – the most luxurious in the world

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