Top 11 ways of turning pallets into furniture for outdoor

Currently we have many opportunities to create a wide range of useful items because wooden pallets keep on coming into our lives. We provide you with up to 10 outdoor designs for pallet because many people can get them easily. Following the first 25 ways of creating attractive pieces of furniture from pallets and the other 25 ways of creating super unique furniture pieces from pallets perhaps you think that there is none  to see, well you definitely wrong. You need to check these out.

1. The backyard and Pallet coffee table

With less money, we can build amazing objects from pallets with two major elements : ingenuity and imagination. This amazing object is so versatile and seen once again in the setting of this back yard. This outdoor pallet table is a nice DIY project that dares you to come up with a cute object based upon your taste. To begin the project you must prepare some paint, something for spacing, four coasters and two pallets. On the top pallet you can place four legs using L-brackets but only after you have adjusted the height, after that use the same system of bracket to locate the legs above the second pallet. To ensure the most probable mobility then mount 4 coasters on each corner the flip the table. For subtlety a dark stain of gray is given to this special table to match the chairs.

2. Small pallet garden for the balcony

Outdoor space is not always related to a large sized backyard. A lot of people live in many urban cities thus the possibility of having a limited outdoor  space is high. Lucky for us this issue has been common, and people have attempted to overcome this problem. The solution is to expand the balcony garden with “upward” direction and they did this using the pallets. As pictured here, plants are grown on different levels, they all look wonderful too. There are some good openings on the pallet so plants can grow perfectly and the roots have enough space. This method is great for your balcony or your porch and also means that the back of the pallet has to be covered with things such as wooden boards so the vertical garden can be planted and the dirt can be hold. Wow, cascade plants, I’ll come before you.

3. Pallets and the deposit area in the backyard

People take care of nature and their health, they also use shipping pallets as they need like the compost bin that you see here. Compost is a sort of bio degradable products that come from nature and used as nutritious bio fertilizer for other plants. The food chain and nature makes sure that all natural processes fall into a constinous cycle, hence the remains of vegetables and fruits are deposited in a compost that turn into mineral and salts for other plants to grow.

In this case, making an area for natural deposit is similar to blending the pallets into the environment of your backyard. These wooden pallets are good for all activity in the outdoor, this include the compost bin that looks natural and strong.

4. A patio shelf from pallet

The method of “pallet therapy” is proven to be effective. The sourness of your attitude, frustration, and tension is released with the helps of a hand, nails, and hammer. During the project, your negative energy is released. Making a patio shelf from pallet for your porch is a good suggestion. According to what you like, the pallets with the whole height and width can be trimmed into smaller bits. The idea is to use the internal elements of the structure as shelves for your “show”. You can leave it as is or repaint it, just make sure that the pallet is resistant to all weather so there will be no problems. Your design will look more beautiful with a vintage feel added from the ensemble of the worn patina.

5. Pallet sofa

Compared to the ideas listed above, building a pallet sofa for the outdoor is a little more difficult. Yet you should give it a try and relax because I will give some important clues to you. Basically pallets were made for another project and not merely as furniture but everything is about imperfection and beauty. There are some individual parts of making a sofa for the outdoor. The most consuming part is in conducting measurements and find out which feels right and which doesn’t.

This example is made for you to be more familiar with the design, you must use the best for your design. The item that you make must have the feel of a real sofa and not just an additional love seat with sturdy feel. Seeing that it will be protected by the elements of nature then I suggest you to cover the patio. When the winter and the snows come, take the cushions inside and there will be no problem to the frame. Try this out.

6. Garden wood pallet

Creating a wood pallet for your garden is a sweet idea to try. For planting flowers, this item is useful. You can use this idea for a wide range of purposes : for instance if you can’t grow any plants in your land or if there is not much soil to plant flowers, using a wood pallet above the small concrete yards is recommended especially in an urban settlement. With a lot of colorful flowers, I’d like seeing this take place on a nice porch in the front of a backyard. You can try planting strawberries if you like. The wood pallet would make an adorable beds for the flowers, and inside, the shipping pallets won’t go with anything else on the outside. If you want you can use a bright color to paint them, this is an extra attention.

7. Kids and the play house

This project is another lovely thing to do if you have some pallets and some spare time then you can build your kids a very nice play house. In our childhood, we used to play hide and seek with some friends or play “military battles” in a special headquarters, the playhouse made by our dads.

Pallets are considered useless and often thrown away but actually their wooden elements can be used for creating a playhouse. This project is time consuming but relatively cheap and your kids and their friends will have joyful time together. Use bright colors for the exterior because kids love colors so make it as attractive as possible, the internal structure doesn’t have to be too elaborate. The design has to represent the kid’s contribution and you will make them happy.

8. Outdoor lounge

There are a lot of outdoor DIY projects for everyone to do. One of this project is creating a pallet lounger for you to enjoy those sunny days or while relaxing in the convenient of your backyard. For this project, you will need some elbow greese, a hammer, some nails, and 4 pallets with the same size. Start the work by finding a correct height by stacking two pallets on top of each other. To fit as a backrest, one pallet shall be a little much wider. In this project, unnecessary boards will be stripped and then made movable and of course, add some paint, all is manageable. When the project is done, make sure that the sitting is comfortable so take some cushioning into account. This project doesn’t cost a penny, what a lovely project.

9. Potting Bench from pallet

This idea is for those who like outdoor items made of pallets. The idea of creating potting benches is not only good, it is also interesting. This project doesn’t cost too much money, just very cheap and simple, the design can be made according to your needs. The final product is some useful benches for use by the household. Now there is a new place to rest for every planter, whether small or large. The feel of the bench is so natural and in accordance with the nature of the plant, use planters made of ceramic and the whole ensemble can be called a natural statement of your household.

10. Wood Pallet Bike Rack

This piece is very unique. A pallet bike rack of wood. Have you ever thought of that? There is no special craftsmanship quality needed in this project, what you do is just putting one pallet by the wall and the other one down the wall, this idea is just unthinkable. I find that some public institutions, libraries, and local stores are adopting this cute bike rack. As you see here, between these two elements, the wooden racks and the bikes, there is a strong connection. Biking is not a fast transportation but considered important for preserving the nature. Perhaps you don’t think that wooden pallets are useful for preserving nature, you should think twice, these are recycled pallets, we give a new purpose to those items and they will accompany us for years ahead.

11. Flower garden pallets.

Usually we need plenty of space for gardening but in fact our outdoor space is not that vast. In this case, you must improvise. With limited materials, you can make a garden of your own. A pallet is the only thing that you need for this DIY. You can just buy one or find them at a nearby stores.

Painting the pallet is considered the best. Add your favorite color and it will have a brand new look. Look for a comfortable place for your pallet and give it a new decoration there. In several minutes, you can create a garden full of flowers. Grab some containers and then put the pallet there. The containers can be bought in some local stores or you can use the ones that you already have in your house. They have to be simple. Planting the flowers in them is the most difficult part. Use any plants that you want. The most preferable is the pansies.

The dirt can be covered with some moss in every container and the entire décor can be given some color and a lovely texture. As pictured here, this project is indeed very simple. This is only a recommendation. In accordance with your preferences, you can change it and improvise. For instance, the containers mustn’t have the same look. The colors, the sizes, and the shapes can be different. The flowers can be changed too. This project is more likely to be used on the patio or the deck. Nevertheless, it can be adapted for the indoors and the lovely garden even in the winter.

You can make plenty of items from pallets. If you come up with anything more than just a wooden pallet, we would like to hear the news from you so we can share it with the others, thank you.


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