Turn your living room into a bedroom

If our house is not large enough,  we often treat the living room as a bedroom. To overcome this, we must find a way to use that room as a living area in the day, while in the night we use it as a bedroom. Changing the function of the living room into a bedroom is not what everybody wants to do. More problem may arise when we know that the layout of the apartment is not like what we want it to be. When we face this, we tend to turn the function of the living room into a bedroom, and the former bedroom can serve as a games room or perhaps an office. No matter what your reason is, let’s find out how you can make the transformation.

If you want to do a complete transformation, or to permanently use the living room as a bedroom, the process is fairly easy. To be able to get the best décor for the bedroom just begin decorating it. Things begin to be a little more complex when this room will have a double function. The look of the living room has to be preserved for use in the day but must be usable as a cozy and comfortable bedroom during the night. Everything that you place in that room has to have a double function.

For instance, the sofa must serve as a convertible bed. With this furniture, you a have a sofa that also serve as a bed. A multifunctional item. You can have a nightstand by modifying the coffee table. You can also use the coffee table as a side table. This idea is intended to obtain a convertible furniture with multiple uses. In terms of the room décor, you have to make the room as cozy as you can. A very nice idea would be to use various curtains. They have a very good look and during the morning, the sun will be kept away.

In the end, consider to use pastel color or other soft colors for the wall. The colors have to work well with both functions of the room. You can use yellow, light blue, peach, white, or tones of beige. As a complement for the décor of the room , provide some plants. With this addition, an airy and fresh ambience will be created.


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