Unique Lighting System Bolla by IncontroArdito

With Bolla, you can make as many unique lighting schemes as you can for the interior, the possibilities is infinite. IncontroArdito is the one who responsible for this unusual lighting system. The LED light is perfect for different atmospheres with chromatic accent, the light itself is come from an artificial slab made through synthetic process  and can be activated remotely. Basically, Bolla is one total solution whether for wall covering as well as a mood lighting. More than that, this wall covering can make an interior space looked more interesting through added texture element in case what you see wasn’t fantastic enough.

Each slab has a convex side and the other is concave. One is likely to extend more physical properties of the wall by choosing which side to expose so there is a sense of more dimension. Find out ore about the system and visit IncontroArdito,


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3 Photos of the Unique Lighting System Bolla by IncontroArdito

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