10 Creative and Fascinating DIY Wall Clocks

Are you in need for a wall clock to help you keep the time, or want to try your hands by looking for a good DIY project? Here we have some functional and funky clock projects that will make you smile and do the trick. Read the rest of these wall clock ideas and see what you can do with them!

1. Wall Clock With Teacups

A vintage look is touchy to add something feminine. Make this adorable set by matching a set of teacups or thrifting  a bunch of mixed teacups.

2. The Clock With Polaroid Picture

This idea is funky and fast. Your time memorabilia can be taken from your Polaroid pictures so snap some of your favorite pictures for this project. Your time will be great and you can conversate with your family and friends through this amazing piece, solely because this project is innovative.

3. The Classic Clock of The Crafter

You can make a small clock that looks adorable for any corners in your house, you only need some small buttons and less fabric. Not too long once you have the materials, you will soon have a nice crafter clock. Just follow a simple DIY guide.

4. The Clock With contemporary Style

For your home décor, this clock is quite a timeless piece, chic, and super sleek. Create one of your creation by following this simple DIY.

5. The Clock With Girly Style

This looks adorable, isn’t it? Its just about perfect arrangements of framed wall art or 12 (0r 4) small elements of what ever you like. It is so stylish and really that easy.

6. The Clock of The Nature Lover

It says who you are. Give it a try, you only need some rustic appeal.

7. The Colorful Clock of The Artist

If you don’t think you have sufficient experience, you can do this simple DIY. Begin your work by collecting some markers with colorful colors (monochrome is fine too). This piece is okay for the kids play room.

8. The Clock of Funky Starburst

Your office at home will look more funky with this clock, so follow this DIY. Any space in your house will have more personality than before, it’s a creative idea but indeed a little cooky.

9. The Clock of Music Lover

You may not need all the frills but you surely need a vintage appeal, right? It may just do the trick so just try this DIY Record Clock. Your living room and the study room will be perfect with this addition.

10. The Clock of Traveller

This can be made out of a half globe. And there you go, you got a clock now. Its perfect for the play room of your kids, or perhaps for an office. Creating this is very easy, super easy.


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10 Photos of the 10 Creative and Fascinating DIY Wall Clocks

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