15 Modern and Inspiring Dog Beds

Dog beds are so comfortable and can be found inside the house, thus it needs a little adjustments. Because of the comfort, pets like to sleep on it, rolling and do many movements on it and perhaps forget to pee on it. Nevertheless, the dog beds have to be stylish too. To make it more fashionable you can add some décor to it or buy new beds that not cause your house to look boring. Take this inspirational idea into consideration and look for inspiration then find for the best dog bed to support your stylish life style.

1. Make it Look Official

Give that boring doggy bed a new bed frame. Make a little notch then create a small space in the personal nook of your pet that has some mess from the dog.

2. Create a Cubby

Reuse one old furniture and create a new shape from this with careful planning. Your focus is making this new shape to easily blend with the room and looked stylish too. If the dog bed is very stylish then all guests will not walk directly in your home but they would say, what a dog bed.” The puppies will find comfort and security inside.

3. Use This As a Statement

So you feel like you have added something to make it look more fashionable right? You can use or buy printed fabric for upholstering a dog bed. For bed with monochromatic style, this is a quick transformation.

4. Use Some Accessories

If the dog bed is already stylish and has excellent décor, then some pillows can be added! It can make your puppy feels more fun and joy the additional cushion.

5. Give It A Tall Look

You must consider more excitement and a little exercise to your pup. Make your dog beds looked taller by adding a quick step or jump, beside of that, a playfulness can help too.

The following dog bed creations are so fantastic, it is worthy of consideration so have a look at them. Perhaps when you want to buy a new doggy bed next time, you will be more selective. Your house will be more complete with it so spoil your puppy and give it your attention. Turn something usual into an exceptional matter.

Use anything you can find in your house and turn it into a nice dwelling for your dog, or you can also use old suitcase to use as a small treat for a small puppy. The dog’s bed can be blended into the decoration of your house or you can make it exist for any reasons that you like (and not caused by too many shedding or stains. Be inspired.


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12 Photos of the 15 Modern and Inspiring Dog Beds

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