3 Inspiring DIY Kitchen Projects

Sometime you want your home to look more practical and efficient, this is the moment to improve your home appearance. These improvements can be started at the kitchen as most of the things are here. The kitchen mustn’t be made too practical nor too functional. Not every items that you need can be found in stores thus the use of the kitchen is never the same and depends on its owner. Make the improvements by yourself because this idea is very practical. Use these three simple projects specifically intended for your kitchen.

1. Tea Bags and Jar Storage

In their home, everyone has tea bags. The guests should be served with tea even if you don’t like drinking it. They must be kept in different storage because they often have diverse flavors. For them, you need plenty of space in case you keep the box that come with them. You can have a DIY item with beautiful shape if you create a practical container to store the tea bags so you can have more space. For this project you may need a brush and a pencil, scissors, a ruler, cardboard, wallpapers, acrylic paint with blue color, spray adhesive, varnish, and a round container from tin to store things like cookies.

Provide some coats of paint but first, wash the jar. Take the cardboard, cut three strips and measure the interior. Take the jar and insert the strips once you have it glued and wrapped with wallpaper, so some small partitions are created. First, small incisions must be made available. Now all your tea bags have their own compartments.

2. Hot Objects and Round Support

The surface of your dining table can be damaged easily if you take a hot pan and place it just like that. For that, a support is necessary. You can consider the wine corks for this. To make this support, you must have a long flange with belt buckle, ruler, pencil, a sharp knife, silicone, and 30 to 40 wine corks. Take a look at the dimensions of the cork and then take the shortest one then cut the rest of them. Look to the sides then apply the silicone, create a full circle by getting them attached together. Finally, cut off the excess and use a belt flange to wrap them.

3. Kitchen Display and The Chalkboard

In the kitchen, a display with chalkboard is significantly useful. On it, you can write many things such as the items to buy and so on. You would need tape measure, a screwdriver, a brush, nails, screws, a hook/loop, two steel shelves with small sizes, a pice of plywood, and a frame from a mirror or picture. Take the frame and make exact measure of it and according to those sizes then cut the plywood. Take the paint and apply several layers of it as the cover, then use the nails to attach it to the back of the frame. Use the screws to attach the bottom shelves to the wall and use the hooks or loops to hang it on the wall. Now you can display almost anything in the kitchen in these two shelves and small board white.

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