5 Alternative Ways to Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a very functional and versatile home décor, but in recent years we have seen the sum of wallpaper users are decreasing. Wallpapers are rich in textures, patterns, designs as well various colors and styles. Applying wallpaper on the walls of your home is like creating a disctinct personality and art. Now, people don’t really like using wallpapers. They think its far too old fashioned, difficult to put up, and looked worn out. I must say they’re wrong to the core. We’re here to guide you how to use some good wallpaper with complete techniques.

Have a look at these 5 guides to use wallpaper. Perhaps one of them will inspire you or perhaps you will not even use any of these ideas, anyway, its still better than to have your walls looked boring or plastered in haggish wallpaper.

1. Use it for only one wall

Of course using the same type of wallpaper for all walls in your house is not recommended, be more colorful, use different type, size, design and color to have more flavor and personality. Don’t be messy, make everything unique and match with the room. Choose a theme, the simplest you can choose. Masculine, feminine, trendy, contemporary, or vintage, wallpaper can assist you in realizing your dream and to make you feel fine with it (visit creamlife).

2. Take the stripes or use it for the floor

Around this, no way is really exist. Instant flair and pizzazz came from the Stripes. You can make the lines using wallpaper other than stenciling or painting the designs that you created. This addition is also usable for the floor! A child will feel contended when his playroom is equipped with the wallpaper. In short, it can be used in a dining room, or any room which needs more adjustments.

3. Cover up the ugly ceiling

Want to bring more surprise or add more personality? Cover your ugly ceilings with the wallpaper. In case it can’t fit your desired result, don’t be afraid. This tip is good to make a short space or a small room seemed more spacious. Go out and find an inspiration. There is no harm to try. (visit pinterest).

4. Make your closet more beautiful

The closet needs your attention too. Put some style on the closet. A used closet needs to be more alive, then turn to the wallpaper. The space that seldom get décor attention will have a personal touch, brighter, and look nice. You may be surprised seeing things prettier, and wonders take place as you open the doors of those closet.

5. Cover a Table Top

Looking something for your house or need a quick solution? Look for wallpaper that satisfy your vision and get that older tables covered on the top. When the work is finished, you will be surprised with the result because it is very easy. A fresh new look is present all over the place.


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