5 Creative Ways To Decorate With Blues & Grays

The most public and the biggest parts of the housemust have a correct scheme of color, the choice is influential. This time I will show you how to decorate the house with the best color scheme that I like, I hope what I share can give many benefits to you. I love spending my time at home, benefitting from the comfort and cozy ambience. Both of them have this, it doesn’t matter how you embrace both of the shades, it will be a special room for everyone. Its just bright and clean.

Great energy comes from blue and gray. These two colors give a calming, relaxing, and masculine sensation. They also bring eclectic vibes, and look super funky when used in correct ways. Check out these amazing inspirations below :

1. Gray Hues and Neutral Blue

Before you continue further, you should choose a basic color for the room, grays and blues are perfect and add a bit more neutral. Giving some accessories are so fun, especially when we use lighter gray and a cleaner cool blue for the layout of the room. Make the colors pop by mixing a wall décor with curtains and throw pillows with some brighter shades.

2. The colors for modernization

The undertones of both colors are enhanced by a deep charcoal and a lighter blue. Any room has a modern look and crisp, they compliment each other. I love using this combo as a library or a home office.

3. A corner with cozy air

I suggest you to use grays and blues because the effect is undeniable and result in a cozy ambience. To provide cool and warm sensation, colored the background with gray and avoid using blues on the wall. Give gray with darker shades and blue colored furniture to beautify the space.

4. Try various shades

A little different is fine so use different shades, try various shades such as elephant grays and charcoals, navy or the common baby blues are fine. If you want to add some interesting accessories for the home, use something that can create eclectic and magical, such as a silvery hue and royal blues.

5. Use other neutrals

Without getting rid of the gray combo and blue from the scheme, you can add some neutral colors. Neutral colors work well with white and creams, the effect is great and the tones are enhanced. By adding the two, you can make a room looks more feminine and delicate.


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