5 Different Ways To Use Bookshelves

Bookshelves are more than just a home to all your favorite books and other collections, their functions are very high. Around the house, they’re good for managing, displaying, and organizing different item. The bookshelves are so practical, you can place them invertedly, in closets, in hallways, and in corners. We bring you 5 tips to use bookshelves in the house or apartment. With these tips you can expect to manage all your favorite book collections, so sit back and relax.

1. Manage Your Sweaters

All your sweaters and daily clothings must be kept neat and tidy, a bookshelf is necessary to organize them and if the size of your room is big enough, you can hide it in the corner. Finding them is far much easier. In short, this is a great way to get more storage and to make your closet organized hence that your clothes collection are not going to be overflowed

2. Store Your CDs, Blu Rays, and DVDs

Entertainment media can be stored on the bookshelves because they are not just intended to hold books. Your entertainment media from CDs, Blurays, and DVDs can be stored there, while the side can hold your movie players and gaming console. The bookshelf is amazing, such a complementary media for storage.

3. Use It As a Side Table

Bookshelves with smaller sizes come with dual functions. You can use the bottom of the bookshelf for storing your books, while on top, it can hold some small nick knacks, a coaster, and even a lamp. Your side table or nighstand is updated with the style and versatility of the bookshelf.

4. Put Your Shoes Inside

Place all your shoes in order, and bookcases are good for keeping them all. Visit Jiff and find your favorites. These units can be treated as shoe organizer therefore you can clear clutter.

5. Create An Unusual Headboard

You must know that the bookshelves are highly functional and versatile. Only by using a bookcase in its place, you can come up with an electic and a fun headboard. On top of the bookshelf, the sleepy eye mask, books, and reading glasses will be hold well.


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