5 Fun Ideas For Sponge Painting Walls

You can add fun texture and sponge paintings to your walls, the installation is very easy. It doesn’t need too many experience or talent to set them up. For you who want surprises and a little nick nack in your homes, sponging can be the right DIY project for you, they look great to be placed anywhere, in the cranny, and in any room. In order for the project to be done perfectly, you must have a natural sponge, so the result will be electic, dramatic, fun, and full with vintage vibes. This is very essential.

The most interesting part of implementing sponging technique is that you can use different colors that you may not choose on common basis. You can make your house more stylish, feels homey, by choosing pearly blues, creamy purples, girly blush pinks, deep reds, and bright oranges. Everything is never empowering.

As you get your house sponged around, you can benefit from these 5 fun ideas. Create something amazing and original by using these inspiration, tricks, and tips. Sponging is not a popular trend, you mustn’t be worry about it. People rarely use this technique. So you can introduce your family and friends to spectacular things and completely new, you will also stand out of the crowd.

1. Using Two Colors for Sponging

Your wall will look more mellow when you use two collors and you come with an illusion that blend easier. On the eyes, the texture created from the combination of two colors wouldn’t seem too harsh because they will compliment each other. This technique is betther than choosing one color for sponging.

2. Sponging One Wall

You can use this technique to sponge one wall with a more delicate way and jazz up a space. The new colors are not going to overwhelm the space but of course the surprise is obvious.

3. Sponging The Borders

I have done this technique myself in my bathroom. Make some outlines in your room then take the sponge and begin to paint. The whole room will have a little pop but you don’t have to sponge them all, just sponge the lines of the walls and the woodwork.

4. Be Creative and Sponge The Whole Room

Sponge the whole room and be as creative as you can. You will get something incredible when you use this technique for covering all the four walls.

5. Make A Little Design

Make your original work. Make some shapes, a border here, and a line there. Its up to you. You can’t be wrong with sponge painting. Perhaps you may want to use this technique to any creation with mural materials.

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