6 Different Ways To Use Tablecloths

Sometimes we don’t realize that everyday items can become more useful than they have to be and now i’m going to reinvent this. I fond of a fine twofer ( use up to two different ways for this but only buy one thing). For instance, take a table clotch. Basically we can use fabric pieces and plastic with square, round, small or big dimensions with more ways, particularly when you want to have afternoon tea party with the girls or to catch crumbs at your next party or big dinners. Be creative. Tablecloths can be used in more then one way so you should find it how.  Find out what your upcoming project will be and benefit from few of these alternatives.

a. Make a bed overlay from it

Quite smart doesn’t it? You can fabricate a bed overlay from the other side of a crocheted table cloth if you have a vintage or sheer, and funly tableclotch. Your bedspread is now more brilliant and don’t let spills from meatballs and spaghetti smut this beautiful overlay.

b. Make curtains from it

You couldn’t find curtains but you see a lovely tablecloth that makes you get an idea? Well you could use the tablecloth as curtains in the way you like it. You will get a practical and custommade curtains for your windows with a little tuck and some nips here and there.

c. Make an outdoor canopy from it

The use of all the tablecloths and the weatherproof plastic can be very easy. On your makeshift patio take the older piece and use this outside. In w more stylish and whimsical way, get yourself some shade.

d. Use it for the pillow

The pillow making become easier with the tablecloths. Find yourself a perfect DIY or if you have more time do this project with your hands. For excellent DIY project you can use some older clothes or buy some new ones from the sale, they must be good enough for making pillows and resistant to weather.

e. Make a headboard from it

Take your most valuable tablecloth with the best fabric then right over the headboard lay it over. Now you have a new design and insant style. The ambience of your bedroom has changed now thanks to the plain headboard made of a fabric tablecloth. Things are more fashionable and have personality.

f. Make a tapestry or a wall art addition

Have you got some tablecloth with vintage ornaments that looks  too amazing or intricate to be discarded? Well use it for the wall. This piece can be formed with ease. As optional, you can give the piece some frame and then you can hang it as a wall art to obtain a magical and new tapestry.


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